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Map Elements
Scale . Maps are made to scale; that is, there is a direct connection between a unit of measurement on the map and the actual distance. For example, each inch on ...

Open Source Software Development and Very Large-Scale Software ...
1 . Open Source Software Development and Very Large-Scale Software Engineering . Walt Scacchi. Institute for Software Research University of California, Irvine

download - NOCOUG
Scale out testing on Dual 2.3GHz PowerPC G5 Xserve ; Use of on index for direct access; if you need to achieve 1,837,932 trade aggregations per second all that is ...

Impact Load
Only in ASTM E119 and US codes; No other country uses this; Part of problem is max test size is 15’ x 18’ – not full scale; When testing problems arise:

Alpine Plants
(50% of flora of Colorado) Weld County: ~600 species . Regional scale plant diversity in S. Rockies; the influence of mountains:

Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI): very many Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Fast ... exam Course Information (5) Topics CMOS logic gate CMOS fabrication and ...

Large Eddy Simulation
The turbulence spectrum Many scales of turbulent eddies exist: Large eddies contain most of the turbulent kinetic energy. Scale sizes are on the order of the flow passages.

Concept Map 1
Ineffective tissue perfusion r/t cerebral edema and ICP AEB restlessness, confusion, pupillary changes, and decreased Glasgow Coma Scale scores.

Biorhythms, computers, music, and…
What is a Microchip? Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit (VLSIC) Transistors ... Getting smaller and smaller, but we are still using microchip technology

Mixed Methods of Poverty Measurement and Monitoring
PPAs & HHSs [Ex. #1] Poverty Correlate/Characteristic Comparisons btn. PPAs & HHSs; HH Scale Economy Determination; Poverty Line Determination using Perceptions of ...

PowerPoint Presentation
Health Professions Act; Revised Hypoglycemia Protocol; Insulin Subcutaneous Sliding Scale . Anar Dossa BScPharm CDE. September 14, 2007

Insulin : In-patient use
251 – 300 4 U. 301 – 350 6 U. 351 – 400 8 U > 400 10 U, specialist consultn. Arch Intern Med 1997;157:545-552 . Sliding Scale Insulin (1)

Common Drugs - Dosing and Monitoring
Sliding Scale Insulin . Basic Indication – Hyperglycaemia and acute, severe illness E.g. DKA, HONK coma, ACS, Stroke, Peri-operative patients, severe sepsis ...

Inpatient Diabetes Management
25% of all hospitalized patients have hyperglycemia at some point. Treatment practices vary enormously; Outdated use of the regular insulin sliding scale

Insulin Administration
If applicable, verify the blood glucose and use sliding scale insulin administration dosage on the patient’s MAR. Wipe the insulin vial with a sterile gauze ...

Evidence of the Month
Goals: To assess the optimal management of hyperglycaemia in the non-critical hospital setting. Design: Patients randomized to basal-bolus insulin or sliding scale ...

Management of Inpatient Type 2 Diabetes
“A common misconception is that a sliding scale insulin regimen alone is sufficient for diabetes management” Lien, et al. Inpatients management of Type 2 ...

Management of diabetes in non-ICU hospitalized patients
50 year old with T2DM reports a home regimen of 36 units of glargine, plus “sliding scale,” without prandial insulin The on-call doctor has written an order ...

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