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Ascites,Peritoneal cavity,Peritoneal fluid,Etiology of ascites ...
This lecture was conducted during the Nephrology Unit Grand Ground by Medical Student rotated under Nephrology Division under the supervision and administration of ...

Ascites and Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis
RCT, Norfloxacin (400 mg qd) vs. Placebo for 1 year. Patients. Ascites-Protein

Complications of Hepatic Cirrhosis
fulminant hepatic failure . biliary ascites . portal vein thrombosis . bowel obstruction . vaso occlusive disease . bowel perforation . myxoedema . fatty liver of pregnancy

Approach to Elevated LFTs
AST/ALT/Bili/AP elevation; Etiology? Mixed pattern; Ddx: Infection; Toxins; Concominant liver diseases; Cirrhosis? Ascites and splenomegally; INR elevated

Randomized Phase III Trials of Intravenous vs. Intraperitoneal ...
1950’s: First use of intraperitoneal chemotherapy for malignant ascites ; 1968: Long-term peritoneal access device; 1978: Demonstration of slow peritoneal ...

Cases in Clinical Pathology
Callum, a 6 y.o. MN Pointer . History Vomiting Ascites Polydepsia/Polyurea Yellow/ turbid urine. Clinical Findings Dull depressed, recumbent

Lower GI Bleeding in Children
Rectal bleeding accounts for up to 0.3% of visits to major urban ERs Provokes ... eczema Abdomen: Caput medusa, ascites, bowel sounds, masses, tenderness Rectal: Fissures ...

GI Review
A 56y/o male with known alcoholic cirrhosis is admitted to the hospital for treatment . of refractory ascites. He has noted a 15lb weight gain over the past month since

Slide 1
... Parasternal lift Accentuated P2 Persistent or fixed split S2 Murmurs of septal defects TR murmur R-sided S3 LE edema Ascites Detection EKG RV hypertrophy / strain RA ...

PowerPoint 簡報
Andres Cardenas, M.D., Chylous Ascites. The American Journal of Gastroenterology, Vol. 97, No. 8, 1896-1900, 2002

Slide 1
Orthostasis . Splenomegaly . Mild Elevation in Alk Phos and ALT . Steatosis and Mild peri-central vein fibrosis . Medication non-adherence . Ascites

Chronic schitosomiasis : fibro-obstructive lesion around the portal vessels; Late stage: giant spleen, ascites, hypertension of portal venous system

... secondary to ETOH Portal hypertension and hypersplenism with secondary pancytopenia Ascites with recent admission to ICU for SBP (E. coli) on prophylactic Norfloxacin ...

Bacterial infections in cirrhosis
Norfloxacin : 400 mg BID or ofloxacin for 7 days ; Hospitalized patients with ascites protein < 10 g/L: - Norfloxacin 400 mg/d during hospitalization stay

Vascular Disorders of the Liver
severe RUQ pain, HM (enlarged caudate lobe), n/v, ascites. Transaminases may be > 1000. Can be fulminant with coagulopathy and encephalopathy.

The Chest X Ray
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reading the X Ray By Sangwan Ischemic Colitis Ascites Sorry , no image available Thank you Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis Emphysema ...

Intracranial calcifications, placentomegaly, liver calcifications and ascites; hyperechoic bowel have been reported; microcephaly never been reported in utero

Present in most gynecologic cancers; Higher levels associated with: Higher stage; Presence of ascites; Distant metastasis

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